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The 59 Day Guarantee and how it works.

There's no secret, a lot of people are wondering about this plan. It's very straight forward, and works just like it sounds.

Everyone always asks "What's the catch?”

Well, this is NOT for everyone. If you want to sell your home only if the "Perfect person from up North comes down with cash, looks only at your home and is not interested in shopping around to see other homes” then this plan is NOT the right fit for you. In fact, we're probably not the best fit for you either.
We work with serious sellers who want as much as possible for their homes in the current market and value communication, service and expertise. We DO NOT just place a sign in the yard and hope your home sells!


  • The home has to be priced well.
    • Well is NOT giving it away(If you want to sell your home for less than it's worth, have at it. There are people who specialize in buying undervalued homes, just not us.)
    • Well is NOT below market value.
    • Well IS priced within range of the comparative homes that are currently on the market and have recently sold (This is not a made up number- we'll look closely at the market and from there we'll be able to see where it should be priced.).
    • Well IS a price that causes buyers to WANT to see your home(If they do not come in, we will never sell your home!).
    • Well/lS aggressive enough to prompt an offer(then we can negotiate from there!)
  • The home must be available to show and ready to show on most any occasion
    (Obviously, there are some exceptions. Family may be over, birthday party, etc.)
  • If no one chooses to look at the home over an extended time frame, marketing and pricing must be looked at to cause buyers to want to see the home.

Our marketing and negotiating skills are unmatched, and we've been able to help homeowners sell their homes in this down market through in-depth communication, extremely aggressive marketing and hard work.

If you would like to have more information about what we do to sell homes every day, and how we can help you, please take a moment to fill out the information below, and we'll contact shortly.

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HJ Realty Group, LLC   Joy Rapsomanikis, Realtor
HJ Realty Group, LLC
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